Sauna, which is a lifestyle more than a therapy, is a cabin that enables the user to relax through perspiration by a hot and dry atmosphere. Since there are different types of saunas as based on geographical and cultural habits, it requires vast experience and knowledge to select and design the sauna that is the most appropriate one for the project. In addition to the selection of the correct wood and heater, it required expertise to bring together in a design, all the components needed for providing the correct air circulation


    These are the dry baths that are designed according to the traditional Finnish sauna principles that operate between a temperature of 85 - 95°C and a humidity of 10-15%.

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    This is the type of sauna where the temperature is about 50°C, humidity does not exceed 50%, which provides a milder sauna atmosphere preferred by those who do not like the accelerating effect of saunas and steam rooms on the blood circulation

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    This is a harsh sauna atmosphere built of wood and natural stones where the temperature is between 110 - 130°C and the humidity is up to 25%

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    Carrying the sauna traditions of the past into today, these are the special outdoor saunas, where wood and stones are used together

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    These are the saunas where modern infrared technology is used as the heat source and which offer the heat quality that is closest to the sun rays.

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    A special therapy cabin enriched with herbal aromas in a milder atmosphere when compared to classic sauna

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